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Other Erasmus Plus Projects

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"YES for Entrepreneurial Youth NGOs, YES for Millennials Changers" is an international project that aims to stimulate the exchange of experiences and knowledge between young people. Three organizations will be directly involved in the project: The Association of Consultants and Experts in Social Economy in Rumania, BBW gGmbH in Germany and Superior Training Centre South Europe S.A in Spain. The project begun the 1st of September 2015 and it will last 14 months. It has received a financial support from European Union through Erasmus+ Programme and the Strategic Partnerships for youth. The aim of the project is to stimulate transitional exchange of good practices and relevant experiences in developing modern and challenging action-based learning contexts for NGOs related to youth based on social entrepreneurship so that they could enhance development of their organisations and their target groups.

The project has 3 main objectives:

01 – Enhancing the professional development of at least 30 experts of youth NGOs in 3 countries through combined training approach in social entrepreneurship (practical workshops and virtual portfolio).

02 – Promoting an innovative non-formal way of learning and working with youth volunteers within youth NGOs (LIVE Lab) and elaborating a Lab methodology.

03 – Strengthening the cooperation between youth NGOs and public authorities through a transitional online network to foster social entrepreneurship initiatives.

The project offers many interesting activities such as: practical workshops with experts and youth workers who will be directly involved, the main theme is ¨Is your youth NGO ready for social entrepreneurship?” ¨Could your organization become an entrepreneurial one?”; creating a virtual portfolio with 8 modules as an educational modern ITC tool; development of implementation methodology of LIVE Lab; organizing short training seminars for 30 participants from 3 countries and other countries of Europe.


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Descargar pdfYES for Entrepreneurial Youth NGOs, YES for Millennials Changers

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