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Why study in Cesur?

In Cesur, we offer what we consider to be the essence of the educational system, such as: demand and initiative, the efficient use of time, a good combination of theory and practice, giving the students the tools to achieve further skills as well as practical experience –so important to prepare the students for real job life.

Not is only important for us that our students obtain their corresponding diplomas but also that they become highly-qualified professionals perfectly able to beat the competition and increase their chances to aim for a full-time job.


Plan de estudios

Study Plan

The course programs are designed with a realistic and flexible approach, adapting the content to the current demand and needs of the nearest work environment. They contain details about the description of the course, the duration of every unit as well as a general view of practices to be done during the course. We create a combination of theory −basic and essential knowledge of the subject− and practice –it is necessary to gain quality experience−.


Continuous Assessment System

Attendance control, student participation in class, periodic tests and case studies, individual or group work, guaranties the constant study during the academic year, both in-person and on-line mode. These are some examples on how we check the proper develop of our students.


Small Groups and Personal Attention

Students receive the personal attention and motivation they need while practicing in small groups. They are supervised by our highly trained teachers. They are dedicated to help students during the course and to guide them both in academic and professional aspects.

Clases reducidad y atención personalizada



High Quality Equipment

Cesur provides its students with high quality equipment and modern facilities to satisfy student’s needs and demands. In our centres, students can benefit from a free Wi-Fi connection, cutting-edge technological devices, technical support and multimedia and audiovisual technology. This allows pupils to master the ultimate techniques what will increase their professional skills. At the same time, it enables teachers to create more dynamic course contents according to each speciality.


Teaching Staff


Members of our staff are carefully selected and highly trained professional teachers, well-known for their vast experience and outgoing skills in their occupational group. As members of private companies, public administration units and universities they are perfectly qualified to pass on the practical knowledge to students, as well as the abilities gained in professional life. The proof of how highly successful these people are can be found in the quality of the course programmes and great level of satisfaction and professional integration of our students.

Actividades fuera del aula

Activities Outside the Classroom

It is very important for us to keep in touch with the business environment related to our training cycles. Therefore, we visit many companies to show the students real-life work environment and prepare them to increase their chances to achieve a full-time job offer at the end of the course.


Workplace Training

It is during workplace training when the students become familiar with an association´s daily routine and when, guided by a tutor, they do a compulsory training of minimum 200 hours in the assigned company in the last two months of the second year of studies. Cesur offers a wide range of training courses across a baste spectrum of industry sectors. This is why we have signed several collaboration agreements with different companies all over the country.

La formación en centros de trabajo


Cesur has signed many collaboration agreements with the most relevant companies of each sector to offer a wide range of enterprises where our students can do the workplace training.


Convenios con Empresas


Junta de Andalucía Comunidad de Madrid Junta de Extremadura   Región de Murcia
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AENOR Certificate of Quality

Cesur centres are certified by AENOR as Higher Education Centres that offer courses in a great variety of areas, either in-person class and online.

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Cesur - Official Higher Education Centre

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